2018 WSPA State Championships

The 2018 WSPA State Championships will be held at the Central Wisconsin Convention & Expo Center in Rothschild, WI. The dates of the event will be January 17th-21st, 2018.  This will be a combined singles and team event with the formats announced in the near future.  Early projections indicate that we might be able to add $40,000 to this event.  Please watch our site for more details.  There are various hotels in close proximity (attached or less than a block away).  This event will be using 120 Valley tables with Ridgeback Rails and Aramith Red Circle cue balls.  Lights will be hung for every table.  We also may have a DJ and party area in the main bar.

For you to get the group rate and for the WSPA to get credit for your reservation, all hotel reservations need to be made via this special link. Reserve your room now!

Tournament News

Wondering if your entry has been accepted? Go to Tournament Manager to find out the status of your entry. Once you give you application to your League Operator, they will enter them into Tournament Manager. Your entry is in a pending status from that point until the WSPA receives your hard copy entry and the payment. We review the entry and if everything is correct, we accept the entry. If there is a issue with the entry, we will contact you or your League Operator to resolve it.

Players, please download, print and fill out our entry forms. All completed entry forms MUST be sent to your League Operator.

We have a online registration process this year whereby you’ll need to sign up your teams and singles players in our online Tournament Manager before submitting your paper entry forms and payments. League Operators please mail your entry forms to:
Gregg Andler
7091 Prairie Ct
Deforest WI 53532.

Note: players do not send your entries directly in unless you are a Player Member.

In order to keep the most recent entry forms available, please do not download and post elsewhere. If you would like to provide a link for your players, please provide a link (http://www.WSPApool.com/tournaments/singles) to this page instead.



Tournament Requirements and Information

** All tournaments are double elimination format **

Refund Policy – Written requests ONLY will be accepted for refunds and/or division changes. Requests for refunds or changes must be received by the WSPA Board no later than 1/9/2015. They can either be mailed or Emailed. Check the website for addresses. Written requests after that date will not be considered as the prize fund has been finalized. Refund Checks will be mailed after the tournament is complete. Late fees are non-refundable. All refunds will be charged a $10 handling fee.

Player Sanctions
Players, keep in mind that you NEED to be sanctioned with the WSPA in order to play in a WSPA State Tournament. If you have a question about your sanction status, please contact your League Operator.

Player Requirements
Minimum of 4 league matches must be played in a WSPA sanctioned league

Qualified weeks played must be played during the current WSPA qualifying league year. The qualifying league year will end May 31, and the new league year will begin June 1.

The 2013/2014 qualifying league year starts June 1, 2013 and ends May 31, 2014. The state tournament for the 2013/2014 league year is in May 2014. You can qualify for the 2014 state tournament only during sessions for the 2013/2014 league year. Sessions that start before June 1, 2013 would include qualifying weeks for both the 2012/2013 qualifying league year and the 2013/2014 qualifying league year. Please be aware that not all the weeks played in an early starting league would apply to the 2013/2014 state tournament.

Team Requirements
All players must have satisfied the tournament player requirements above. Please note that there is no longer a team core player requirement.


Mixed B 5 Maximum of one A player per round* None
Mixed A 5 Maximum of one AA player per round* None
Mixed Master/AA 5 Maximum of two Master players per round* None
Women's B 4 Maximum of one A player per round* None
Women's A 4 No Masters None
Women's Master 4 No restrictions None
*It is permissible to have more than the allowed per round limit of upper division players on your roster, however, you must stay within the limit during match rounds.