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Updated: October, 2022

Each year a minimum of 25% of the cashing field in each division of the WSPA State Championships will be looked at individually and raised if their Fargo Rating ( warrants a change to their WSPA rating. Additionally, players will also undergo a rating optimization each year. Through this process, WSPA letter ratings will be compared with available ratings from FargoRate. There are not predetermined division cut-off numbers for this process as they could vary from year to year, so as to not give players a year to tailor their ratings for whatever division they want to play in.

If you feel that we have made a mistake, please email before submitting a request for a rating review.

 List of players raised based on tournament finish

 List of players raised during rating optimization


WSPA letter ratings are only updated once per year and are primarily used for WSPA tournaments only. If you are looking for live player ratings, please refer to for ratings that are updated and optimized regularly.

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